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Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships



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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people have anxiety about speaking in public; and 19% have a full fledge phobia called Glassophobia. 

This means that, in general, people are more afraid of speaking in public than death, spiders, flying, and confined spaces.  Read more about Glossophobia

Emotional Corrective Experience – at Home

Recently I had a political discussion with some friends.  Initially it was an innocent conversation about things we hear about in the news. Quickly it turned to sharing contrasting views on both policies and politicians.  In the middle of the discussion, I noticed that one friend stopped interjecting her opinion, and then she stood up, and finally excused herself from the room.  Read more about Emotional Corrective Experience – at Home

Win Over vs. Win With

In both personal and professional relationships, the question of winning often comes up.  As we navigate each day there is bound to be conflict due to frustration, anxiety, or misunderstandings.  We have to have an awareness of how each of us deals with these issues, and what are the goals we are trying to reach.  Are we trying to “Resolve the issue” or are we “trying to be right” or win? Read more about Win Over vs. Win With

Horseshoes and Hand-grenades

The old saying, “Almost only counts in Horseshoes and Hand-grenades” is not always true when it comes to relationships.  On one hot summer day, a camper stood on the edge of the 3-meter high dive fighting his instincts not to jump.  He had been watching countless of other kids jumping off with ease and wanted to experience it for himself.  He had made several trips up the high dive with each resulting in a emotional walk down.

Relationships and Sports

Time and time again we see coaches and athletes talk very emotionally about the loss of relationships as they are leaving a specific team.  We hear stories about all the time spent together traveling, planning, practicing, resting, eating, and simply goofing around. 

These relationships are on display for the rest of us every day as we watch them celebrate with a unique dance, handshake, or hug.  Through social media, we read about an athlete sticking up for another, or extending congratulations after a victory or championship.  So, Why is this Important? Read more about Relationships and Sports

A Relationship is not a Social Skill

According to, social skills are “skills you use to communicate and interact with an other person.  This is done both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance”.  All of these skills are very important as we interact, relate, and communicate with the world around us, and all of these skills help us towards developing a relationship. Read more about A Relationship is not a Social Skill

Men Have Feelings Too!

Even though men and women have equal amount of feelings inside of them, men often do not acknowledge nor talk about many of them.  For example, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression women are far more likely to seek out a mental health professional for support, while men tend to seek out drugs and/or alcohol for their coping strategies.  The National Center for Health Statistics collaborated these statistics as they reported that only a small fraction of men feeling stress, anxiety, or depression sought out mental health Read more about Men Have Feelings Too!