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Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships

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Directors & Board


Armann Fenger, LAPC - Executive Director

Armann moved to Atlanta and started practicing the DIR®/Floor-time based play in 2000.  In addition to starting Learning on the Log, he has provided private play therapy for a number of clients.  Armann has been involved in starting and running three metro-Atlanta school programs for children with developmental challenges and has extensive experience in developing and implementing physical and recreational therapy.  Prior to moving to Atlanta, Armann worked as a residential counselor for abused children and their families in Burlington, Vermont.  Armann holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Mercer University. #BetterTogether


Katie Fenger, MS - Executive Director

Katie earned a MS in A. PE and a BS in Education from the University of Georgia and a MS in Psychology from Walden University. Since 2004, she has been an Executive Director of a not-for-profit company in Atlanta; serving children on the Autistic Spectrum. Her skills include play therapy, fundraising, program development, coaching, and Director of marketing/social media. Katie's greatest asset is her ability is to listen and connect well with people, in all different stages of life. She is an eternal optimist, but also has her feet security rooted to the ground when necessary. She is hard-working and relentless in the pursuit of helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Katie loves to spend quality time with her family and friends, watching her husband and son play a multitude of sports, and planning their next travels and adventures. #BetterTogether 


Strategic Board of Directors

Armann Fenger, MS, NCC, LAPC - CEO

Katie Fenger, MS - COO

Paul Hamnett

Tim Hernquist

Ian Scott

Robert Veitch

Advisory Board

John Fenger

Dr. Donald Redmond