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Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships



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individual or family therapy,

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to provide therapy scholarships

for families who need help



Other Ways to Support Us

Decreasing Out of Pocket Costs for Families

Our clients currently pay 80% in tuition and 20% of our costs are covered by outside funding. We would like to seek additional support from individuals, foundations, and corporations, to subsidize these costs for our clients. By lowering the costs, we will be opening up our doors for more children to utilize our programs, for an extended period of time (ideally 3 years). By participating in our programs for a longer period of time, the children are able to receive consistent supported practice in developing meaningful relationships. The child will then generalize these new social skills to their family and peer interactions. Participate in our capital campaign totaling $150,000.00

Renovation of our Facility

We are renovating our new lease, which allows us to provide programming in our own space. Renovation costs $100,000.00 The starting price needed to fund this project is $150,000.00. We have currently raised $50,000.00 to go towards this goal and are seeking your help to reach it.

Developing Our Full-Time Staff

As our company continues to grow, we would like to continually develop our full-time staff and bring on new full time staff to enhance and expand our programs. In order to offer competitive salaries for valuable employees, whom we have groomed for the past 5 years, we will need to raise an additional $65,000.00

Personal Donations

In-kind donations are the easiest and fastest way to get involved.  All contributions are 100% tax deductible, as allowed by law.  Be sure to check with your company to see if they have a donation match program, to easily double the gift made to Learning on the Log.  There are many ways to make these personal contributions.  You can donate by credit card online with Paypal, or by mail or phone.

Corporate Partnerships

Learning on the Log welcomes cause-related marketing opportunities with appropriate for-profit companies. A successful campaign will raise money and visibility for both Learning on the Log and its for-profit partner. Benefits also include: improving the corporate image, differentiating the company from its competition, boosting employee morale and commitment, improving customer loyalty and contributing to building a better community.

Stock and Mutual Fund Donations

Making donations of stocks or mutual funds, especially long-term appreciated stocks, holds many benefits for Learning on the Log, while also providing much needed tax-relief.  For more information about how to effectively donate stocks, please contact [email protected] (link to personal contact form)

Sponsorship and Cause Marketing

Learning on the Log is planning several events for the upcoming year which we hope will attract many socially conscious people in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. Learning on the Log offers a variety of event sponsorship opportunities in which companies can demonstrate their commitment to programs for children with special needs in cost-effective and meaningful ways. Examples range from donations to multi-tiered sponsorship packages.


Develop a compelling web marketing program with Learning on the Log. Together we can create opportunities to raise brand awareness, customer loyalty and funds. Sponsorship opportunities are also available on our website, including links, advertising, and online promotions.


Branding opportunities are available within Learning on the Log publications, including monthly email updates, direct-mail and interim mailings. Programs range from mutually donated advertising space to developing co-branded advertisements in local and regional publications.


Develop successful promotions that will increase your bottom line and position your company as a socially responsible entity. A percentage of the company’s product or service revenues are donated to the Learning on the Log Program through marketing promotions programs.

Consumer Donations

Retailers can raise funds for Learning on the Log while improving brand image by enabling customers to add a contribution to their purchase while completing their sale.

In-Kind Donations

As a nonprofit organization, we are always looking for in-kind donations to keep our administrative costs low, thereby allowing maximum resources to be passed on to those in need. Also, view our Amazon wishlist.