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Armann's blog

City Slickers

In the classic movie, City Slickers, three unhappy men from New York embark on a journey out west.  Part of that journey for the main character, Mitch, was to find his lost smile.  Over time, Mitch had become grumpy and isolated, he lost his creativity, and had strained his relationships both at home and at work.  Read more about City Slickers

Who has a bigger heart?

Men have bigger hearts, it’s true, the numbers do not lie.  We men walk around each and every day with a bigger heart than women.  You might argue that women are more compassionate, more loving, or more emotional, and you might be right.  BUT, there is no arguing the fact that men’s hearts are normally between 10 and 12 ounces, while women’s hearts are between 8 and 10 ounces.  Ours is bigger. Read more about Who has a bigger heart?

How Churchill helped me through my divorce

Feeling overwhelmed and confused, I decided to see a therapist, in order to help deal with my divorce.  After arriving at his office, sitting in his waiting room, walking into his office, I finally slumped down into a brown leather couch.  It was a corner office on the fifth floor of a corporate building where people were busy with their everyday lives, and I was about to reveal something extremely vulnerable.  Looking around, I remember being impressed with the view, but at the same time, terrified by this new experience I was about Read more about How Churchill helped me through my divorce

Digitizing a Support Group

I was recently asked to monetize and digitize reasons for men to come to a divorce support group.  I was told that men in America would come if I had the productivity numbers to prove the group’s efficiency.  A was a little thrown off by the request, but I went to Google anyway and found out some interesting answers.  I found that divorce is a $28 billion dollar annual industry with the average cost of an individual divorce ranging between $15,000 and $30,000.  Most of that is calculated through the attorney fees and costs relative to the process of getting divorced.  When you add up the co Read more about Digitizing a Support Group

Advocates or Adversaries

On wedding days, most people announce to each other and make the promise,  “…for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, in joys and in sorrows”.  These words can be easily said, but when the time comes, are you in a relationship where you and your spouse are advocates or adversaries?  To figure this out let’s explore an example of what this really means.  Read more about Advocates or Adversaries

The Story Teller

At lunch the other day, an elderly woman (we will call her S.T., as she is the original Story Teller), came into the restaurant where I was eating; S.T. was eager to share her story and did not wait for others to ask “how are you”?  S.T. was meeting a couple of friends, and S.T. could not even wait to sit down at the table, before sharing the big news in her life.  Read more about The Story Teller

No Crying at Funerals

Growing up, I noticed that people in my community would watch the relatives of the deceased, noticing if they did or did not cry; and passed judgment on that behavior.  For example, if a widow did not cry while her husband was eulogized and laid to rest, people would quietly whisper to each other “She is being very strong”.  

WHY?  Why do we do this to ourselves? Read more about No Crying at Funerals

The Power of Vulnerability

A colleague referred me to René Brown’s Ted Talk.  She is an inspiring researcher that not only found ways to help all of us watching, but also herself.  Here are some of the highlights of her talk:

·      Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to life

·      Shame is the fear of disconnection

·      Do you believe you are worthy or belonging, being loved, being connected, to be imperfect?

·      Do you have the compassion to be kind to your self first… then to others Read more about The Power of Vulnerability