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The Power of Vulnerability

A colleague referred me to René Brown’s Ted Talk.  She is an inspiring researcher that not only found ways to help all of us watching, but also herself.  Here are some of the highlights of her talk:

·      Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to life

·      Shame is the fear of disconnection

·      Do you believe you are worthy or belonging, being loved, being connected, to be imperfect?

·      Do you have the compassion to be kind to your self first… then to others

·      Let go of who you should be, and be who you are

·      Vulnerability is beautiful, but not always comfortable

·      Vulnerability is the birth of happiness, joy, creativity, belonging, and love

·      Blame is the a way to discharge pain and discomfort

·      We make everything uncertain…certain

·      The more vulnerable we are, the more afraid we become

·      We try to perfect not only ourselves, but also our children

·      We pretend that what we do does not effect others

·      René Brown wanted the audience to learn:

o   Let yourself be seen

o   Love with your whole heart, without any guarantee

o   Practice gratitude and joy

o   Tell yourself, “I AM ENOUGH”

To watch the Ted Talk in it’s entirety simply click on this link (

Go out there and practice some or all of what René Brown was trying to teach.  You will live a Happier, Healthier, and Longer life. 

Talk It Out, not Tough It Out