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Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships


Having a hard time with a child or children?

Struggling at home or at school?

Want new ideas?

Want to talk through your experience?


Either individual parent/guardian or couples welcome


Weekly meetings starts:

 Tuesday August 15

9:30 am to 10:30 am

$250 for 6 meetings per family

$50 for individual meetings per family

Per family means couple or an individual parent

LOTL Facility:

227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite 330, Atlanta, GA 30328


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Thank you to all of the campers and their families for making Summer Camp 2017 a fantastic adventure.

We Host Birthday Parties!


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About Us

"Where Social Skills Means Building Relationships"

Since 2001, Learning on the Log has provided an inclusive therapeutic social skills program designed for both typical developing and special needs children, including Autism, Asperger, ADHD, sensory integration disorder, developmental delay, and various anxiety disorders.

LOTL specializes in experiential social skills programs within sensory based recreational activities in our Weekend Activities, Holiday CampsSummer Camps, and Birthday Parties.

"We are in relentless the pursuit of "Emotional Corrective Experiences", because it give the best chance of generalizing learned social skills into other areas of a child's life."  -- Armann Fenger, LAPC, NCC, MS


Activities include:

Hiking | Swimming | Rock Climbing | Team Sports | Team-building Activities | Canoeing, Kayaking, & Rafting


Why is there so much growth at our camps?

The reasons why we are so effective in helping kids grow and develop is due to the consistent and focused way we use our time camp.

How to Be a Man

There is a cruel irony to society’s view of what “Being a Man” is.  In general, we want a MAN to be strong, have the answers, and to take care of the family.  Society also tells men that they are not allowed to explore their thoughts and feelings, and definitely not allowed to talk about their thoughts and feelings.  Message received… “I’ll tough it out”. 

The most important thing in football is Relationships

The college football and NFL seasons have finally begun, and for millions of us fans we can finally travel, prepare, tailgate, and cheer for our favorite teams on their pursuit of the playoffs and of the title(s).  After months of preparations, coaches and players can actually begin to play and live out their dreams.  But, at the season’s end, many of these same coaches and players will say good-bye to their team they have put so much blood, sweat and time into.  My question is what will they miss the most?

Quality or Quantity?

In a relationship with someone, would you rather have “Quality” or “Quantity”?  Research shows that quality gives is us the best chance at finding true happiness, while quantity leads to the least amount of short term heart ache.  So, while quantity avoids some pain right now, quality rewards us with long-term happiness

Countless of people have spent imaginable amount of hours pondering the importance of the relationship on one’s happiness, and here is what some of them had to say:

I Married My Own Nancy Ragan

Nancy Ragan was put to rest at the Ragan Library in California, and much has been said about her leading up to the burial.  I was listening to an interview with the revered political analyst Charles Krauthammer, and he described her as being the backbone of President Ronald Ragan.  Mr. Krauthammer went on to describe Mrs.

Dealing with feelings is very inefficient

One of the most frequently asked questions for people who enter therapy is “How long will this take?” tries to answer this by writing

You'll Never Walk Alone

My favorite English Premier Soccer League team is Liverpool FC, and I have been rooting for them since I was a young kid.

Relationships and Sports

Time and time again we see coaches and athletes talk very emotionally about the loss of relationships as they are leaving a specific team.  We hear stories about all the time spent together traveling, planning, practicing, resting, eating, and simply goofing around. 

These relationships are on display for the rest of us every day as we watch them celebrate with a unique dance, handshake, or hug.  Through social media, we read about an athlete sticking up for another, or extending congratulations after a victory or championship.  So, Why is this Important?